HR Optimization


Optimize HR spending, employee satisfaction and recruiting

HR programs are a big and growing expense. They serve as an important tool to attract and retain talent.  However, most employers have only a limited understanding of whether their HR programs meet employee needs, how employees value rewards differently, or whether these programs are being delivered cost-effectively.

TrueChoice Solutions’ Predictive HR℠ software solution allows businesses to analyze what rewards are most important to each employee and how employees make trade-offs between them. Gain insight how to optimize the rewards that are most meaningful to employees and, simultaneously, to optimize HR spending.

TrueChoice Solutions’ Predictive HR℠ application is effective and unique because it offers state-of-the art functionality, the highest performance and the best data – all at a fraction of the cost of alternative approaches. It enables your enterprise to:

  • Gain insight into what rewards each individual employee most – and least – values and the relative importance of these rewards
  • Develop rewards that fully optimize employee value for the lowest possible cost
  • Identify where costs can be reduced without impacting employee satisfaction
  • Predict the impact of program modifications on costs and employee satisfaction
  • Optimize internal and external recruiting efforts
  • Better understand how best to communicate program benefits so employees fully recognize their value

Our unique, interactive, customized Web-based applications make this possible.  Powered by hundreds of patented algorithms, they provide “real time”, actionable insight and analytics including:

  • The relative importance of HR offerings
  • Index of perceived rewards value versus rewards cost
  • “Money Down the Drain” Index – spending with little utility to employees
  • Modeling tools – HR plan simulations, scenario modeling, optimization
  • Employee engagement scoring

Data and analysis can be viewed in aggregate, within customized, pre-defined segments, or anonymously at an individual employee level.

The TrueChoice Predictive HR℠ application is offered as a “software as a service” so there is no hardware to buy or software to maintain.

TrueChoice applications are facilitated through any Web-enabled PC, tablet, smartphone or kiosk or with the guidance of an advisor.