Our Customers

Truechoice has built a growing roster of fortune 500 clients representing industry leaders around the world across a wide range of industries. Our success is built on a proven record of success helping clients generate leads, drive incremental sales, realize cost efficiencies and optimize employee benefits. We have a significant client repeat rate driven by the efficacy of our solutions.

A representative sample of our customers include:



Top US auto manufacturer: Lead generation (B to C)

Auto retailer: Predictive selling

European auto manufacturer: Lead generation (B to C)

Consumer Retail

Consumer electronics: Lead generation (B to C)

Office products: Lead generation (B to B)

Food products: Employee rewards optimization

Diversified retailer: Employee rewards optimization


US Military - service branch: Soldier recruiting & retention

US Military - service branch: Capabilities management

US Military - multiple service branches: Rewards optimization

Non-US military organization: Rewards optimization


Leading global investment & merchant bank: Lead generation

Global credit card company: Customer insight

Leading health benefits provider: Predictive selling; customer insight

Mortgage provider: Employee rewards optimization

High Tech

Four of the leading computer OEMs: Lead generation (US & Intl.)

Leading electronics component manufacturer: B to B and B to C

Leading consumer electronics manufacturer: Predictive selling

Aerospace equipment manufacturer: Employee rewards optimization



Top global chemicals manufacturer: Channel insight; customer insight

Manufacturer of premium writing papers: Lead generation

Office supplies manufacturer: Predictive selling

Trans-national transportation company: Customer insight