TrueChoice’s Sev Keil gives keynote speech at Royal Navy’s 2019 People Research Conference

September 3, 2019

On September 3, 2019. Sev Keil, Chairman and CEO of TrueChoice will give a keynote speech at the Royal Navy’s 2019 Naval People Strategy (NPS) People Research Conference in Portsmouth, UK. He will speak about how Real-time Preference Analytics enable evidence-based HR decisions to optimize offer design, employee experience and value alignment.

The Purpose of this conference is twofold, it is to bring the relevant communities together with a specific focus this year on the benefits of Evidence-Based HR, a topic Navy leadership feels is especially important during this period of transformation and modernisation. This People Research Conference will focus on the value of Evidence-Based practice for Recruitment and Retention and the importance of the psychological contract. It aims to stimulate debate and thought about what good practice looks like.

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