Channel Insight

Help Channel Partners Strengthen Customer Relationships, Communicate Benefits and Facilitate Sales.

Businesses with complex sales channels face an ongoing challenge to help their channel partners more effectively bring products to market. Channel sales organizations typically have competing priorities, stretched and fragmented attention spans, and limited time and incentive to pursue new products or “unproven” selling methods.

At the same time, enterprises are under pressure to support the sales channel with easy to deploy, high impact and cost effective programs that help the channel engage customers, communicate benefits and facilitate sales.

TrueChoice Solutions’ on-demand Channel Insight solutions (B to B to C) help clients gain unique insight about their channel partners and how they can best be supported to drive incremental sales and profits – at the lowest possible cost.

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The product of over a decade of research, the technology behind TrueChoice’s Channel Insight applications will enable your business to:

  • Better understand channel partner needs and requirements via a unique, stimulating, interactive dialog that captures and holds their attention, promotes trust and strengthens relationships
  • Engage and educate channel partners about the various programs and offerings available to them
  • Identify what support programs and services are most highly valued by your channel partners – and which are not
  • Optimize new support program or product offerings – before they are launched
  • Help channel partners to better understand their customers – i.e., customer purchase criteria and the trade-offs customers make when making purchase decisions
  • Help channel partners increase average transaction sizes through more effective cross- and up-selling
  • Readily quantify the incremental sales and ROI impact of mix changes to the bundle of support and services offered to channel partners

TrueChoice insights are generated through apowerful “real time” business intelligence, predictive modeling and analytics platform. Gain valuable insights such as:

  • The relative importance of channel support programs and services
  • Index of perceived program or service value to the channel versus its cost
  • Quantify current spending that has little utility to channel – cost savings or reallocation
  • Modeling tools – channel support optimization

TrueChoice insights can be combined with a CRM system, business intelligence platform or any other point of integration.  Once more, our application is offered as “software as a service” so there is no hardware to buy or software to maintain.

TrueChoice applications are facilitated through any Web-enabled PC, tablet, smartphone or kiosk or with the guidance of an advisor.

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