Increase Sales Effectiveness While Generating Sales Leads For Your Dealer Network

Automotive customers have more choices than ever before. The many models, options, and financing alternatives can frustrate consumers, result in less ideal purchase decisions, or, to a dealer's dismay, missed sales opportunities. With TrueChoice, auto makers and their dealers can optimize a customer's purchase to maximize both customer satisfaction and profits.

TrueChoice Web-based Preference Technology creates a "preference profile" for a customer prospect, revealing wants and desires that are often unexpressed in the traditional dealer-customer exchange.  Buying decisions utilizing TrueChoice technology often include higher priced models or models with more expensive option packages. The TrueChoice solution heightens the focus on fulfilling a buyer's preferences, which tends to reduce the emphasis on price and negotiation.


  • Promote products optimally tailored to a customer's individual needs, preferences and priorities, with insight on "willingness to pay" for specific models, configurations, and options
  • Deliver a significant and incremental source of highly qualified sales leads for dealers, increasing sales conversion rates by focusing the buying process on preferences rather than negotiation
  • Drive rapid and attractive ROI based on TrueChoice's ability to drive incremental revenues and make customers more responsive to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

TrueChoice Solutions' on-demand preference-measurement solutions provide unique insight, data and analysis about purchase preferences - "how" and "why" customers make purchase decisions.

Our unique, interactive, customized Web-based applications make this possible.  They connect with customers, one-on-one, in a user-friendly, engaging two-way dialog.  They uncover insight about individual customer buying preferences and the trade-offs customers make when making decisions.

Powered by over 460 patented algorithms, TrueChoice insights are generated through a powerful "real time" business intelligence, predictive modeling and analytics platform.  The platform allows data analysis in aggregate, within customized, pre-defined segments or at an individual customer level.

Our insights can be combined with your CRM system, business intelligence platforms or any other point of integration.  Once more, our application is offered as a "software as a service" so there is no hardware to buy or software to maintain.

TrueChoice applications are facilitated through any Web-enabled PC, tablet, smartphone or kiosk or with the guidance of an advisor.

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